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York Mills Centre


Bridle Path–Sunnybrook–York Mills is a municipal and census district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is the name officially designated by Toronto City Hall. Traditionally, Torontonians regard this area as five distinct neighbourhoods formerly in North York before it was amalgamated into Toronto in 1998. The district is part of federal and provincial electoral district Don Valley West, and Toronto electoral ward 25: Don Valley West (North). In 2006, it had a population of 8,210.[1]

Viewing the district in four approximate quadrants, the northwest quadrant is the southern part of York Mills, particularly the district's northwest corner which is the separate neighbourhood of Hoggs Hollow, the northeast quadrant (south of Wilket Road) is the Bridle Path, the southwest quadrant includes portions of the former communities of Lawrence Park (north of Blythwood Ravine in Sherwood Park) andNorth Toronto (south of Sherwood Park), and the southeast quadrant is occupied by Sunnybrook Park.

The area has an irregular and complex boundary. It is bordered on the north by York Mills Road. The west border begins in the north by following Yonge Street southward until it instersects with Yonge Boulevard, at which point it turns east and follows the North York border for the remainder of the district's east and south borders, into the Don River valley, then turning south and following an imaginary line which bisects the communities (Lawrence Park and North Toronto) between Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue all the way to Fairfield Road (two blocks north of Eglinton Avenue East). The south border begins here, and follows Fairfield to Bayview, then follows Bayview northward briefly to just north of Glenvale Boulevard at the grounds of the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind), at which point it once again follows an imaginary line that is also the border of North York, running east along the north boundary of residences on the north side of Glenvale, and into Sunnybrook Park, to the point where Wilket Creek terminates and runs into the Don River. The district's east border is Wilket Creek.

"York" makes reference to the Town of York - the forerunner to modern day Toronto and "Mills" refers to the grist and saw mills that churned in this valley along the Don River from 1804 until 1926. It included St. John's Anglican Church and the Jolly Miller Tavern, both of which are still standing today.

Its mills have long since been replaced by shining office towers, luxury condominiums and high-end homes. Its main arterial roadways including Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue - which were once impassable by car, now serve as major roadways to and from the city core.

Yet, despite all these changes, York Mills, including Hogg's Hollow, Lawrence Park and the Bridle Path, has managed to maintain a peaceful tranquility and natural beauty that has helped make it one of Toronto's most desirable neighbourhoods.

York Mills is famous for its expansive properties, century old trees and lush landscape. All of these trademarks form the perfect backdrop for the executive-style houses found in this neighbourhood. There are pockets of Tudor inspired manor houses, English Cottage style designs, and contemporary designs. There are also large numbers of ranch-style bungalows and split-level houses which are gradually being replaced by large new custom-built homes.

York Mills also has its share of luxury condominium apartment buildings that have recently been built on the well-treed hills around the Yonge Street and York Mills Road intersection. The Bayview Mills condominium townhouses located at the northeast corner of Bayview Avenue and York Mills Road provide entry-level prices into this exclusive neighbourhood.

Points of interest in York Mills:

York Mills Shopping Centre


  • Jolly Miller Tavern (now Miller Tavern) 1857, site of James Hogg Tavern 1853
  • George S. Pratt House 1866
  • St. Andrew's Park - site of St. Andrew's Junior High School
  • Auberge du Pommier Restaurant - former mill workers cottage
  • St.John's Anglican Church 1844 http://www.stjohnsyorkmills.com/
  • York Mills Plaza (now York Mills Shopping Centre) 1952
  • 4111 Yonge Street - home to Canadian artist C.W. Jeffrey
  • William and Elizabeth Harrison House
  • Don Valley Golf Course
  • York Mills Collegiate Institute (local high school - built in 1957)
  • Path of Glory - Access can be gained across from York Mills Collegiate
  • Windfields Park - host to tennis courts, a community centre and green space.


The Bridle Path upscale residential neighbourhood in the former city of North York, now part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that is characterized by large multi-million dollar mansions and two to four acre (8,000 to 16,000 m²) lot sizes. It is often referred to as "Millionaires' Row". It is the most affluent neighbourhood in Canada by household income, as well as property values.

Although "The Bridle Path" is in fact the name of a road in the area, the term generally applies to the surrounding neighbourhood as a whole. It is generally bounded by The Bridle Path on the north, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre on the south, Bayview Avenue on the west and Wilket Creek on the east. Few roads pass through the area, contributing to the area's exclusivity. House prices in the Bridle Path are varied, but most of the houses in this area sell for well in excess of a million dollars. It is a secluded neighbourhood, surrounded by the Don River Valley and lush parklands.

The Bridle Path was little more than farmland until 1929, when the Bayview Bridge was constructed across the steep (West Branch) Don River Valley. It was at that point that the area was first considered for residential development. Forsey Page, a Toronto-based land developer, envisioned the Bridle Path as an "exclusive enclave of estate homes" and he built the neighbourhood's first home, a Cape Cod Colonial style home at 2 The Bridle Path. This house is credited as the catalyst for the development of the neighbourhood.

In 1937, developer E.P. Taylor, who designed the Don Mills community, purchased a large plot of land north of the Bridle Path. The estate, named Windfields by his wife, is occupied today by the Canadian Film Centre. The park through which Wilket Creek flows behind this parcel of land is known as Windfields Park. In the late forties, Taylor's business parter George Montegu Black, Jr (father of Conrad Black) moved into the area and built a large mansion on Park Lane Circle. In an effort to control who his future neighbours would be, Black took over the company that owned the rolling farmland that was to become the Bridle Path, and set restrictions in place through the North York zoning by-laws — Only single-family dwellings could be built, with a minimum lot size of 2 acres (0.81 ha). The area was subdivided into approximately 50 lots, each selling for $25,000 at the time, and began to take shape throughout the fifties.

The street's name is frequently misspelled as "The Bridal Path" by those who are unfamiliar with the history of the area. The actual "Bridle Path" name came about as early plans for the neighbourhood included an elaborate system of equestrian bridle paths, as most of the estate owners in the area preceding its development were horse-owners. While the paths have since been paved over, their legacy remains in the Bridle Path's wide streets and in the name of this elite community.

The Bridle Path has been home to prominent Toronto business people, celebrities and doctors. Media mogul Moses Znaimer used to call The Bridle Path home, while computer businessman Robert Herjavec, former newspaper baron Conrad Black, and Celine Dion still own a home in The Bridle Path area. Prince was said to have purchased a home in the Bridle Path for $5.5 million, although his recent divorce, concert tour rigours, and weight loss have meant few sightings of him.

A location in this area was used in the movie Mean Girls as Regina George's house and another house was used for the movie It Takes Two.

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Shopping centers include the popular York Mills Plaza, the upscale Bayview Village Shopping Centre that caters to the local affluent market and the York Mills Centre located on the NE corner of Yonge St and York Mills Road.

The multi-faceted York Mills Park Field, located at the southeast corner of York Mills Road and Bayview Avenue is well used in the summertime for a variety of pursuits. There is also York Mills Arena, children's playground and a baseball diamond with recreational house leagues. This park also provides access to Windfield's Park, which has an attractive footpath through a ravine valley that follows the winding course of Wilkett Creek, a tributary of the Don River. York Mills Valley Park is located South of York Mills and East of Yonge with busy tennis courts and children’s playground. At the edge of the park at Yonge and Mill St's, there is the famous Miller Tavern.

Owen PS Park

There are many parks located north of York Mills and west of Bayview Avenue. The largest of these neighbourhood parks is St. Andrew's Park, which features a mini valley, and lush greenspace that is popular for walks and light recreational pursuits. Tournament Park located next to St. Andrew's Square features tennis courts and an active tennis club program.







Golfers are very close to the scenic Don Valley Golf Course located west of Yonge Street and south of Highway 401.

Don Valley Golf


Schools - York Mills, Bridle Path, Sunnybrook

ElementaryHarrison PSwebsiterank
ElementaryPark Lane PSwebsiterank
AlternativeAvondale Alternative Secondarywebsiterank
ElementaryOwen Public Schoolwebsiterank
ElementaryArmour Heights Public Schoolwebsiterank
Middle SchoolSt. Andrew's Junior High Schoolwebsiterank
Public SchoolDenlow Public Schoolwebsiterank
Catolic SchoolLoretto Abbeywebsiterank
Public Middle SchWindfields Junior High (Gr 9)websiterank
Public High SchYork Mills Collegiate Institutewebsiterank
Private SchoolCrescent Schoolwebsiterank
Private SchoolToronto French Schoolwebsiterank
Private SchoolCrestwood Schoolwebsiterank
Private SchoolUpper Canada Collegewebsiterank
Private SchoolBranksome Hallwebsiterank
Private SchoolHavergal Collegewebsiterank
Private SchoolGreenwood College Schoolwebsiterank
Private SchoolRoyal St. George’swebsiterank
Private SchoolSt. Clements Girls Schoolwebsiterank
Private SchoolCentral Montessori Schoolswebsiterank
French High SchoolÉcole secondaire Étienne-Brûléwebsiterank
Prvt. Career CollegeCiti Collegewebsiterank


St Andrews JH





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